Aura Organics is a small family run business. The products have been created using a worldly knowledge of healing plants. Everything from Indian Ayurvedic healing, medieval remedies and Chinese herbal medicine have been combined to make some of the most natural and effective products on the market today.

Our company policy is to always be environmentally friendly, always keep up to date on the most interesting new remedies from around the world. We are organic. We are natural.

We will always be Paraban and Sulphate free and free from harsh chemicals. We use the most natural preservatives made from fermented raddish and coconut.

We are against animal testing and most of our product are vegan.

We strive to bring you the most natural and best possible product on the market.



Our skin care ranges have been colour coded to help you easily spot what will best suit your skin or mood!!


Firstly let me explain a little a bit about our aura and how colour and scent can affect our emotions and state of mind. 

For those of you who wish to believe, the aura is an energy field that we all have around us. It can be affected and interacts with our environment and it changes from person to person and time to time depending on our energy levels and moods. 


Aromatherapist which we have worked with in order to create the best products believe that your mood can be greatly affected by different smells and psychologists have done many studies to show how colours  also affect our emotions and energy levels.

Aura organics have combined this information in order to create products that's will greatly enhance the health of your skin and your well being.

The facial care products are colour coded so that you can easily find the range that best suits your skin type.



Skin calming, normal, combination and sensitive skin. 

The scents used and colour will calm the mind and relax the body.

The products in this range are gentle and light on the skin.



-Calming lavender which is great to use at night to help relax and has amazing benefits when used on the skin. Some of these include anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties which help calm irritated skin. It is also shown to help with skin conditions and improve cell regeneration.


-Gotu kola an ayurvedic herb which is proven to help cell regeneration and help repair damaged skin


-Shea butter which is full of vitamins and helps with the skins collagen production.


-Coconut oil which is full of essential fatty acids which help skin retain moisture and also has anti fungal properties. 


-Lavender water great for uneven skin tone.


-Witch hazel a natural astringent that is good for removing dirt and oil from the pores. 




Skin repairing antioxidant - dry, damaged and ageing skin. 

The scents used and colour promotes feelings of love and well being.

This product range is full of specialised ingredients to help fight back against the daily toxicity your skin incurs. It is perfect for helping to reverse and delay the first signs of ageing.



-It contains antioxidant green tea which helps 

Fight against free radicals in the skin caused by pollution and ultra violet light.


-Rose water which is great for reducing inflammation and redness in the skin.


-pink clay the most gentle of the clays smooth skin without drying it out. Great for mature skin that needs to keep its moisture.


-Rose hip oil which contains high amounts of natural vitamin A and essential ingredient for anti ageing and skin regeneration.


-Camilla tea oil which comes from the seed of the tea plant as has been widely used for skin and hair in China for centuries. It has a number of amazing anti ageing properties and is an antioxidant and a great emollient for moisturising the skin. 


-Luxurious rose oil is another century old  remedy used by the Romans and ancient Egyptians and is famous for promoting feelings of love and help with stress. 




Helps with greasy skin, problem skin, irritated skin and anti blemish.

This range promotes feelings of soothing and refreshing.

This product range contains many cooling ingredients.


-Cucumber is great to calm redness or inflammation. 


-Green clay which is a a deep pore cleanser full of minerals great for detoxing the skin.


-Willow bark extract is a natural source of Salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is widely used in cosmetics as an acne treatment its anti inflammatory. soothing and conditioning.


-Sea algae is a miracle ingredient adding an instant fresh and youthful look to your skin. Its a strong antioxidant and is full of vitamins to help restore damaged or sensitive skin.




Revive dull tired skin,skin, loaded with vitamins to heal and repair. The scents used are uplifting and energising prefect to brighten your mood.

Packed with tropical ingredients.



-Mango extract not only does this ingredient small heavenly but mango is a natural source of beta carotene and vitamin  both of which crucial for our skin health and can help reduce fine lines and refine skin tone.


-Honey Acacia Magnium this is one of the most amazing ingredients used in our skin care. Sourced from a bee farm in the middle of the Borneo rainforest far away from pollution and pesticides. Honey Magnium is a miracle ingredient for skin its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and full of vitamins. Perfect for clearing blocked pores and healing skin ailments.


- Orange  we use orange oil and orange blossom water in our products both our great for circulation and brightening the skin. The scent is known to energise and promote feelings of happiness.


Stimulating, circulation boosting, skin firming. Refreshing scents to reviltalise your mood.



-Lime oil - stimulating and refreshing lime oil has skin firming propereties.


-Caffiene boost circulation and is known to improve cellulite.

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