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about us

Aura Organics was born with a mission to inspire and educate our fellow skincare enthusiasts on the importance of caring for one's skin, after all, it is our largest organ! At Aura Organics we believe that exceptional skincare using the earths natural remedies benefits your mind, body and soul. All of our products are sourced from Mother Nature in an ethical and sustainable manner to ensure happy skin and a happy conscience.


 As every individual's skin is different, we aim to tailor products that will provide you with optimal results. Whilst on my travels, I had the honour of encountering a wealth of skincare knowledge and practices. This revolutionised not only my skin, but my life as a whole through a new founded earth conscious approach to living. 


My experience in working within the mainstream skincare industry revealed many problematic, unnatural and cheap ingredients in a lot of products that lack nutritional value and cause skin irritation. This initiated the beginning of a mission to apply the knowledge learnt, alongside studying organic cosmetic chemistry to create wholesome and organic products. As a result, we made it our intention to formulate skincare that nourishes and glorifies your skin, every day of the week.


Hope to inspire you on your skincare journey and show you that beautiful, healthy skin can be achieved without costing the earth!




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