Are you having a major chocolate craving? Our scrumptious cacao and orange mask is guaranteed to satisfy those unbeatable cravings with its unique smell. Studied and well known for having the highest level of antioxidants, yes! Even more than blueberries, raw Cacao can help repair, detoxify and soften skin due to its high levels of flavanols. One of the most potent skin healing ingredients, also rich in Vitamin C some might even call it

superfood for the skin.

With a little help of Kaolin clay containing high levels of silica, polish away dead skin cells. Nourished with skin softening organic oils, jojoba and sweet orange oil and delicate exfoliating orange peel this chocolatey goodness mask will not  just leave your skin feeling sensational but also turn you into  a guilt free chocoholic.  



Cacao & Orange Exfoliating Face Mask

  • Mix a  bit doolop in your hand with warm water to soften.  Smooth  generous  amount  all  over  your  face, avoiding  the  eye  area.  Leave  for  10  minutes  and  scrub  with  a  dash  of  water  to  exfoliate  before  rinsing  off.

    For  best  results, use  twice  a  week followed by a nourishing moisturiser.


  • Kaolin Clay, Glycerin, Organic coconut oil, Organic honey magneim, Organic coconut sugar, Sucrose, organic cacao powder, Organic sweet almond oil, Fine ground orange peel, Soy letchin, Organic jojoba oil, Organic chocolate extract, Vitamin e Natural, Organic sweet orange oil, Organic orange blossom water.