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Gold Luxury Bath Oil - Egyptian Rose l Geranium l Vanilla l Black Pepper

Gold shimmer bath oil is a luxurious formula from designed to calm, heal and hydrate skin with a soft, shimmering finish.

With this luxurious Bath Oil, you will be transported to another time and place. Let the enchanting aroma of this oil fill your senses while the glossy shimmer accentuates your bath water.

This wonder bath oil harnesses the anti-inflammatory powers of gold, healing and strengthening skin to leave it smooth and refined. Grape seed oil has essential nutrients, whilst almond oil calms and antioxidant vitamin E boost collagen production. Scented with Egyptian rose, geranium, vanilla and a hint of black pepper. Maximum absorption of these highly nourishing minerals leaves skin firm, supple and more youthful in appearance.






Spiced Vanilla & Rose Gold Shimmer Bath Oil

  • Add a generous drizzle and watch as the oils disperse in the bath leaving a lovely golden shimmer. 

    For the ultimate bath experience try with a scoop of our Rose Goddess Bath Milk Powder.

  • Grapeseed oil, Almond oil, Clive oil ester, Vanilla extract, Rose extract, Geranium oil, Nutmeg oil, Black pepper and Vitamin E, Gold bio mica.

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