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Luxury Organic bath bubble - Scented with Apple l Cucumber l Rosemary l Basil l Lime


Who knew a bath could be so therapeutic? With our refresh & revive bath bubble, you can enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of each of these scents to help you de-stress and unwind.


Cocoon yourself in the aromas of a herbal paradise with this deliciously-scent Bath Bubbles. This luxurious bubble bath combines fervently aromatic blend of essential oils, a moisturising formula using naturally cleansing cucumber and rosemary blend to leave the skin feeling silky smooth and nourished with a subtle scent of crisp apple. 

The invigorating aroma of basil will revive your senses while the lime refreshes and rejuvenates your skin. Just one soak in this divine combination is all you need to feel yourself again. Step into a bath of luxury and bliss with this delicious bath bubble.  Free from parabens and sulphates.

Organic Aromatherapy Luxury Bath Bubble - Refresh & Revive

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