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Organic Aromatherapy Luxury Bath Bubble Strawberry l Coconut l Lime l Basil


The sweet, summery aroma of strawberries, coconuts, and limes will transport you to a tropical paradise – even on the coldest day. The gentle bubbles are perfect for a relaxing soak, while the invigorating basil leaves give your skin a refreshing boost.


This enchanting bath bubble blend is a refreshing escape. The invigorating citrusy scent of lime mixed with the sweet, earthy aroma of basil is the perfect way to relax after a long day. The addition of indulgent coconut and hydrating strawberry makes this bath experience even more blissful.


This fruity bubble bath is perfectly soothing,  relaxing & restoring you before bed.

Natural bubbles fade quite quickly but the oils remain
With essential oils of strawberry, coconut & lime and basil. 
100% naturally derived ingredients. 


This will fill your bathroom with a beautiful scent while you enjoy a bubble-licious soak in the tub! Landscapes of pure strawberry, and exotic warm breeze and the tropical freshness of zingy lime will engulf you as you soak in this bubble bath. A luxurious scent, with notes of coconut with a base of herbal basil that will have you feeling draped in sunshine on even the bleakest day.


300 ml



Organic Aromatherapy Luxury Bath Bubble - Stress Relief Blend

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