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Soothing Mint Chocolate this lip balm has been subtlyscented with healing essential oil and sweet vanilla extract. It is enriched with the the best quality organic plant oils and natural 
vitamin E to protect your lips all year round.  Cocoa butter which is an emollient to help draw moisture to your lips and also helps with sun protection. Coconut oil rich in fatty acids and deeply nourishing. Caster oil adds a nice shine and a protective layer over your lips. Jojoba oil is healing and moisturising. Sweet almond oil for softening and plumping. Vitamin E is soothing and provides vital nutrients for healing chapped lips. It is also an excellent antioxidant to help protect your lips from free radicals caused by pollution and ultra violet light.


We do not use beeswax in our lip balms. We use hemp wax and almond wax.
Almond wax is a soft wax made through cold pressing almond kernel. It is natural and environmentally friendly. It is great for sensitive skin and a natural emollient and skin conditioner. Hemp Wax is an eco friendly wax made from hemp seed oil. It is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins and is gentle on sensitive skin.

Vegan Organic Lip Balm - Mint Chocolate

  • Put a small amount on to fingertips and apply as often as you would like, to keep your lips luscious and protected.

  • Organic cocoa butter, Almond wax, Organic coconut oil, Organic almond oil, Organic caster oil, Hemp wax, Organic jojoba oil, Natural vitamin E, Organic peppermint oil, Organic madagascan vanilla extract, Organic vanilla flavour.


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