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This silky oil gently melts away make up and deeply cleanses pores without leaving skin feeling greasy or dry. A special blend of thirteen oils will help brighten tired or dull looking skin. We have also added a boost of beta carotene a natural form of vitamin A, known to help reverse the signs of aging and Gotu Kola extract often used in ayurvedic medicine to strengthen skin and increase collagen production. Our special technology makes it easier to remove this oil with just a splash of water, when absorbed turning in to creamy white light texture, washing off easily. So no need to use hot towels!


Available in large 100ml and Mini 30 ml



Packaged in a special orange frosted glass bottle. We use coloured glass for our products as it helps protect the special ingredients from sunlight and insures they are not contaminated by nasty plastics. 


Mango & Orange Cleansing Oil

  • Shake first. Massage a small amount onto dry skin and watch your make up melt away. The light oils will gently remove makeup while the heavier oils will work to pull dirt from the pores. You may want to use a cotton pad to remove stubborn eye makeup. Once your make up has dissolved, wet your hands and massage again, turning the oil into a milky white emulsion that you can easily remove with warm water.

  • Organic grapeseed oil, Organic sunflower oil, Organic olive oil, Olive oil ester, Organic rosehip oil, Organic castor oil, Organic gota kola extract, Oragnic sweet almond oil, Peach kernal Oil, Oraganic orange peel oil, Mango extract, Vitamin E.

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