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JAR RECYCLING - Soy Wax Candle Recipe

Great idea for recycling our packaging using this simple candle recipe.

Once our jars are empty they are perfect size for a scented soy wax candle

You will need:

Empty Aura Organics Jar

Boiling water

Soy Candle wicks

Sticky wick tabs


Eco Soy wax flakes - container blend

Essential oils of choice

Here are two of my favourite blends:

Spicy Patchouili - warm and soothing great for the winter

4 drops Patchouli

3 drops Cinnamon

3 drops Sweet Orange

Relaxing Lavender - Floral and sweet lovely for summer evenings

10 drops Lavender

5 drops Orange

2 drops Geranium

1 drop Ylang Ylang

Here’s how:

Make sure jar is clean and dry.

Stick wick sticker to the bottom centre of jar

Cut the wicks so that about 4cm comes out the top of the jar.

Use a skewer to press them into the sticky tape so they stick to the bottom.

Place a skewer over the top and wrap the wick to hold it up in the middle.

Measure out the soy wax flakes (you will need double the amount – if your candle is 1 cup capacity, you will need 2 cups of soy wax flakes).

Either use a ban marie on the cooker and heat gently until wax is melted or place the flakes in a heat-proof jug and microwave for 1 minute.

Remove and stir then microwave for 1 minute again then stir.

If there are still solid flakes, microwave for 20 seconds at a time until dissolved.

Add the essential oil the amount varies depending on the oil you are using, stir and then pour the wax into the jars.

Make sure the the wicks are in the centre then leave the wax to set for 12 hours.

Trim the wicks to 1 inch.

Decorate jars however you please.

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